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5 Tourist Spots People Should Visit in Salt Lake City Now

Salt Lake City, the capital city of Utah, is not only home to the Latter Day Saints. It is also a young and dynamic city, fostering natural and historical attractions while still skiing and mountain-based activities center.

Although most trips to Salt Lake City highlight the religion or the Olympic Winter Games held in the city in 2002, there are other undiscovered activities the city has to offer. But for first-time visitors in the area, which tourist spots should they visit today? Here are some of the best tourist attractions.

1. Willow Heights

Willow Heights is a known hiking site for people who dare to try extreme sports. Although it is an easily overlooked area, a few short hikes should open up a grove of mature aspens leading to a broad meadow and a lake. Meanwhile, the North of the lake is home to a couple of campsites and trails leading to the Park City ridge. Overall, Willow Heights is an excellent place to practice hiking slopes and sliding on snowy paths during Winter.

2. Millcreek Canyon

Millcreek Canyon is where tourists can enjoy looking at nature’s scenic views while having a picnic nearby. The area welcomes people to the Wasatch Mountains along with its stunning scenery. During Summer, tourists enjoy eating together with their families while cooking barbecue. But in the Winter, the canyons transform into hiking, snowshoeing, fat biking, and sledding centers for tourists.

3. Natural History Museum of Utah

In 1969, the Natural History Museum of Utah opened its doors to locals and tourists wanting to explore the past through artifacts, unearthed bones, and other pieces of history. It is home to at least 1.6 million objects, making it one of the best state museums in the country. The Natural History Museum of Utah has moved to its new home in Rio Tinto Center, packed with new exhibits, engaging programs, and research facilities.

4. Joseph Smith Memorial Building

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building serves as the center of the administrative office building and social center. It provides dining options, event venues, and large meeting rooms for people needing a space to conduct events and various activities. It is also home to the 500-seater theater created to showcase the films produced about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

5. City Creek Center

City Creek Center is a famous open-air shopping center located in Salt Lake City. Aside from the usual shopping stores, it is also home to offices and residential buildings. Its most iconic landmark is the fountain; its high glass walls and windows allow natural light.

Why Should I Visit Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is an excellent place for families, friends, and solo tourists to explore and experience the historical, natural, and religious center of the United States and the world. It also has world-class restaurants and dining destinations. Salt Lake City may be the best getaway place to see for people wanting a brief time off from city living.


While Salt Lake City is often associated with the religious sect of the Latter Day Saints, it is also a city that continues to grow. Tourists can visit the town to see the spectacular scenery, the museums, and the old buildings the city has to offer. If you are visiting Salt Lake City, here are the main tourist attractions you should visit.

While the City Creek Center, Willow Heights, and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building are a few of the best tourist attractions in Salt Lake City, this is not an extensive list. There are more tourist attractions to be discovered in the city, and you can find more information regarding their locations and hours of operation at their official websites.

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