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6 Best Restaurants to Dine For Tourists in Salt Lake City

Nothing is more rewarding after a long day of exploring a city than having an excellent dinner. In Salt Lake City, the culinary scene thrives due to the existence of gastronomical gurus who serve a variety of foods inspired by various flavors and tastes. But where do you head for dinner in a city filled with diners, fancy dining restaurants, and affordable food spots? Here are some examples.

1. Chunga’s

Chunga’s is a Mexican restaurant in Salt Lake City's heart. They serve authentic Mexican cuisine, tailor-fit to suit people’s tastes in the city. Their traditional tacos, Tacos al Pastor, is one of the best items on their menu. It features cilantro, onions, and salsa chipotle. Meanwhile, customers can get it with rice on the side, black beans, Queso Fresco, and lime mixed with refreshing cucumber. Order online or drive in person to taste Mexico’s best in Salt Lake City.

2. Beer Bar/Bar X

Beer Bar/Bar X is a love letter to the beer of the world. It is home to the best beers and cocktails in Utah, serving drinks to tourists and locals every night since its operation in 2010. Aside from drinks, we also serve meals—all good for pairing with alcohol. We offer smoked meat and fries, perfect as finger food to go along with a beer or cocktail, on the other hand. For those needing a drink to get through the night, step into the world of wonder and visit Beer Bar/Bar X today for those needing a drink to get through the night.

3. Siegfried’s Delicatessen

Experience Germany away from Europe in Siegfried’s Delicatessen. The restaurant has been serving authentic German cuisine while selling souvenirs since 1971. As a family-friendly German deli, our goal is to tantalize our customer’s taste buds and let them feel Germany through our food. We also encourage them to buy gifts, something they can bring home and give to friends and family once they return from the trip. Overall, we accommodate people who enjoy the company of their friends and family. Shop on our website or book a reservation today.

4. HSL

HSL, originally called Handle, features American favorites like burgers, chicken, and salads. We aim to provide meals with twists, elevating the typical American food items. The best part about them is that they source everything locally, which helps farmers generate more income by providing high-quality ingredients. Come as you are and book a reservation on our website today.

5. Current Fish and Oyster

Current Fish and Oyster is a seafood restaurant in Salt Lake City. We feature simple yet understated meals for locals and tourists to try once they get in. We rely on fresh ingredients harvested every day from local producers. For us, freshness comes first as it is the foundation of our menu. Experience the freshness of the sea today and book a reservation on our website today.

6. Caputo’s Market and Deli

Lastly, Caputo’s Market and Deli highlights Italian and southern food from Europe. From chocolates to cheeses, they have locals and tourists covered. Their specialty, cheeses, can take you on a taste experience of a lifetime. Meanwhile, their oils and vinegar are perfect gifts for family and friends back home. Find the European specialty for you only at Caputo’s.


Are you looking for a new dining experience in Salt Lake City? These restaurants are the perfect spots to try. These restaurants are the best in their respective categories, ensuring locals and tourists a lifetime culinary experience. However, make sure to book a reservation ahead as these places may become fully booked as they are the best places in town.

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