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Your Basic Guide on What to Pack for a Trip to Utah

In case you didn’t know, Utah is a well-known destination that includes over thirty state parks and five national parks. Here, you can experience Native American activities, ride a mountain bike trail, hike and catch signs, as well as visit museums.

With all of that being said, visiting Utah is a must. For this, you must come well-prepared with the right clothes, toiletries, gadgets, and outdoor gear for your next Utah adventure. Read on for the basic packing guide you’ll need!

What to Wear in Utah

The elevation of Utah, which spans from 2,200 to 13,528 feet above mean sea level, has a large influence on the state's climate. Summers are extremely hot, with high temperatures in the 80s to the 100s and low temperatures in the 50s or below. Because of the intense sun, it is critical to constantly wear a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes, face, and neck.

Bring clothes that can be worn in both the cool mornings and the hot afternoons. Packing a light jacket, long pants, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, and other lightweight clothing will help you stay cool. Wearing cotton or cotton mix clothing during the day could also help you avoid heat strokes. Wool blends can keep you warm if you plan to camp and sleep outside.

Bring sandals or tennis shoes to wear inside restaurants and museums, as well as hiking boots to wear outside. If you are visiting a Mormon attraction or a Native American reservation in Utah, bring conservative casual apparel.

What Toiletries to Bring to Utah

In order to avoid sunburns, you must wear (and re-apply) sunscreen and lip balm with SPF throughout the day. Additionally, because Utah has a dry environment that causes chapped skin, you should use a moisturizer religiously.

You should bring insect repellent with you to Utah because there are many insects that can be bothersome. This will assist you in avoiding being bitten and ruining the mood.

Bring your preferred shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant with you. You must also take note that campers in Utah must use fragrance-free products to avoid attracting local wildlife.

What Electronics to Bring to Utah

You’ll find that Utah mountains and deserts offer poor or no phone reception. Thus, if you have an accident or get lost while hiking, pack cordless walkie-talkies or other emergency signaling equipment designed exclusively for hikers.

You should also not forget to photograph your favorite hiking trails and tourist attractions. Listening to music on your MP3 player is a great way to relax and pass the time while traveling to any place.

What Gear to Prepare for Utah’s Outdoors

Whitewater rafting and horseback riding are two examples of outdoor activities offered in Utah. If you plan on doing any outdoor activities while you're here this summer, bring your raft, life vests, bicycle, and helmet. If you intend to go camping in the Utah mountains, bring a weather-resistant tent as well as sleeping bags meant for colder temperatures.

In the event that hikers or backpackers become disoriented, possessing topographic maps and guides to the local flora and wildlife can help. A first-aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, and waterproof matches are among the emergency items amassed.

You should pack plenty of food and beverages with you amid the blistering heat of summer. Dehydration can be a problem in many sections of the state during the state's scorching summers.


If you're itching to explore the outdoors, then Utah should be your next destination. Again, beyond the excitement, you should always plan a trip wisely and come prepared with the essentials you need. This way, you can make the most of your stay. Best of luck, and enjoy your stay in Utah!

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