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5 Reasons Why You Should Book Vacation Rentals in Utah

Vacation rentals in Utah are becoming more affordable. If you are traveling with family, it would be cheaper to book a rental rather than a hotel room.

Aside from the price, there are plenty of reasons to book vacation rentals in Utah. Here are some of the biggest ones.

1) You Can Book as a Group

Booking a vacation rental in Utah is perfect when traveling with a big group. Whether you are part of a church group, a family, or a college group, you can rent a vacation rental that can accommodate all of you.

With a rental, you will have all the rooms you need. It’s more practical to book one big rental for your party rather than book several rooms in a hotel, which could be crazy expensive.

2) You Can Travel With Pets

If you are traveling with your pets, you can bring them along with you and bring them to your vacation rental in Utah. Take note that pet-friendly rentals may have restrictions in place, but that’s better than leaving your precious furry friend at home.

You can bring your small pets or your big ones. You can even bring your furry friend to your backyard to enjoy the cool air for a short period of time. This also reduces expenses associated with pet sitting or pet boarding. Best of all, you can have a relaxing vacation with your furry best friend around.

3) You Can Bring the Kids

If you are traveling with your family, you know that it is expensive to bring the kids along. If you are going to play in parks or any other areas where you need to pay for your child to enter, the amount of money you would pay can be a lot.

Booking a vacation rental in Utah means that you can bring the kids without worrying about the fees.

4) You Can Cook at Home

When you are staying at a hotel, you cannot cook the foods you want. Ordering from the hotel’s kitchen or even requesting room service can be quite expensive, too.

With a vacation rental, you would be able to cook the meals you want, with the ingredients you like. You don’t need to worry about eating out all the time or getting tired of the same meals. Best of all, this is a huge money-saver!

5) You Are Completely Safe

You can rest assured that you will be safe with rental homes in Utah. Most of these homes are secure and have been inspected by the management. You are not just paying for the bed and breakfast, but you are paying for proper security.


There are plenty of reasons to book vacation rentals in Utah instead of rooms in hotels. Aside from the lower price, you can enjoy the comfort, convenience, and flexibility of staying in a home away from home. Rentals are also best for bigger groups or guests with kids or pets.

B-n-R Stays is the best place to stay on your Salt Lake trip. Enjoy your staycation at Utah at one of your luxury rooms and amenities. Book a room with us today!

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