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7 of the Best Places for Desserts When Visiting Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a vibrant and stunning destination in the heart of Utah. The city is known for its beautiful surroundings, outdoor recreation opportunities, and rich cultural and historical attractions. With its unique blend of natural beauty, urban amenities, and friendly locals, Salt Lake City is a must-visit destination for tourists worldwide.

As with any tourist destination, part of Salt Lake City's cultural identity roots from—you guessed it— food. Salt Lake City's food culture is as diverse and varied as the city, with a wide range of culinary options to suit every taste and budget. However, most of this food culture is based on desserts, which locals and visitors enjoy. However, there is a wide variety of desserts in every direction you look in Salt Lake City, so finding the right place will be tricky.

Luckily, we've compiled a list of some of the best places to get desserts in Salt Lake City. Our recommendations are as follows:

#1 - Banbury Cross Donuts

Banbury Cross in Utah is not a typical bakery or coffee shop, but it has been a popular spot for Salt Lake cuisine and culture since it opened in 1986. They specialize in gourmet doughnuts and offer a range of other sweet treats such as cinnamon rolls, muffins, orange rolls, and apple fritters. You can also purchase milk, orange juice, and coffee if you pick up doughnuts for breakfast.

#2 - Bruges Waffles & Frites

Pierre Vandamme, the owner of a restaurant in Salt Lake City, was born in Bruges, Belgium. He brought the famous yeast-raised Liege waffles, made with sugar pearls in the dough.

These waffles are served hot and can be topped with various options, such as creme fraiche, Belgian chocolate sauce, berries, speculoos spread, or vanilla bean ice cream.

The restaurant also offers unique combinations with various decadent stuffings. In addition, their fries come with a wide selection of aioli sauces and can even be served in a sandwich. Although it's not a health food store, this restaurant provides a delicious European treat in the heart of Salt Lake City.

#3 - Carlucci's Bakery & Cafe

Carlucci's is a perfect place for someone looking for various delicious food options. It is an Italian restaurant that offers a wide range of baked goods, breakfast dishes, and lunch options. Their bakery produces more than twenty-five types of pastries, cakes, and bread.

Their breakfast menu is unique and has a range of items such as quiches, omelets, tofu scramble, yogurt, and granola. Their lunch menu has a variety of sandwiches like hummus, garlic & herb goat cheese, turkey bacon & avocado, and baked Italian marinated tofu. You can also choose to have a half sandwich with soup or salad.

#4 - Nostalgia

This creative cafe and deli is a fantastic spot to visit for a snack or to relax with a tasty coffee and a pal. They serve generous portions of homemade sandwiches and freshly brewed coffee from countries such as Italy and Guatemala. If you're not interested in tea or coffee, they also offer a small variety of beer and wine. In addition to its menu, the cafe also showcases a rotating exhibit of artwork from local artists.

#5 - Red Butte Cafe

Red Butte Cafe is a restaurant on the east side of Salt Lake City that offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant combines a relaxed atmosphere with high-quality food to create an affordable Southwestern menu. Guests can enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner with coffee or wine.

Additionally, customers can stop by between meals to enjoy a dessert with an espresso and chat with friends. The dessert menu at Red Butte Cafe differs from your typical ice cream and cake selection because the restaurant's bakery offers a dozen or more tasty and unique dessert options anytime.

#6 - Salt Lake Roasting Company

This cafe has been around for a long time and is a favorite among locals. They serve various delicious coffee drinks and have an extensive menu of food and pastries. Guests can enjoy their coffee using free Wi-Fi or have a full meal with fresh ingredients while meeting with friends.

The Roasting Company also has outdoor seating, making it a popular spot for late-night gatherings. The staff ensures plenty of fresh bread and pastries are available all day, and there are many delicious lunch and dinner options.

#7 - Tulie Bakery

Tulie Bakery is located in a convenient spot near Sugarhouse's 9th and 9th intersection and next to Trio Cafe, known for its modern Italian food. This bakery offers delicious and light options, ranging from sandwiches to pastries and cakes, making it hard to resist.

Their menu includes breakfast items like quiche, bread pudding, coffee cake, and Paninis like turkey, brie, and avocado. Otherwise, you can get soppressata with pesto or mozzarella, tomato, and basil for any other meal of the day.


Salt Lake City is a foodie's paradise, offering diverse cuisines and dining experiences. The desserts are impressive, with many bakeries and sweet shops offering unique and delicious treats. You're bound to find various choices, so it's only a matter of knowing what you want and where to find it.

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