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A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the best cities in the US for coffee lovers. With its vibrant coffee culture, Salt Lake City is home to some of the country's most unique and delicious coffee shops. In this guide, we'll explore some of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City, whether you're looking for a cozy spot for a morning cup of joe or a place to grab a specialty latte in the afternoon.

Salt Lake Coffee Break

Salt Lake Coffee Break is a popular spot for the University of Utah students looking for a cozy place to hang out and enjoy some coffee, vegan pastries, and hummus. You can find all your favorite coffee drinks there and a few unique options like Turkish coffee and caramel macchiato. Many people stay until late in the night to enjoy the atmosphere and play chess.

Café Niche

This restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers the best of the best. The atmosphere is modern and industrial. The food is fresh and of the highest quality, featuring delicacies like sushi-grade ahi tartare, wagyu steak, and almond-crusted steelhead salmon. Even the coffee is locally sourced. You won't find anything like it anywhere - it's an indulgence.

Caffe d'Bolla

Caffe d'Bolla is passionate about coffee, and it shows in every cup. They carefully source their beans from micro-regions, small farms, and estates to provide the freshest and most flavorful cup of joe possible. They use a siphon coffee maker, a process that is both an experiment and a miracle, to bring out the delicate taste and aroma of the beans—not feeling coffee? Try a delicious bubble tea with flavors such as coconut, grapefruit, and black cherry.

Rawbean Coffee

Rawbean Coffee is an inviting spot that ensures every customer is cared for. They often come up with creative drinks that reflect the current climate, time of year, or even what's happening in popular culture. Regardless of the theme, Rawbean Coffee always provides a quick, delicious cup of joe.

Les Madeleines

If you're ever in downtown Salt Lake City, you must stop at Les Madeleines bakery. While they have great coffee, it's their kouign amann pastry truly sets them apart. You won't find a better version of this buttery, crunchy, flaky French pastry elsewhere west of the Mississippi. It's worth the trip to taste this delicious treat!

Alchemy Coffee

At Alchemy Coffee, you can experience the alchemist's touch for yourself. The atmosphere is relaxed but with a hint of rock 'n' roll - think skulls and Grateful Dead! Not only do they have amazing coffee, but their food is also highly praised. So grab your favorite brew and try a slice of delicious quiche - it'll be like turning lead into gold!


Salt Lake City has many great coffee shops to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee, a specialty espresso drink, or linger in a relaxed atmosphere, you can find it in Salt Lake City. From quaint, cozy cafés to bustling, vibrant coffee houses, Salt Lake City has something to suit everyone's taste. So, the next time you want to take a break, grab a cup of coffee and explore the city.

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