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5 Things Tourists Should Know About Salt Lake City in Utah

Salt Lake City is the capital and most populous U.S. state of Utah. Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in the northernmost part of the Salt Lake Valley, it is the state's cultural, economic, and governmental center, with a population of more than 200,000 people.

The city is home to various attractions, including Temple Square, the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the Salt Lake City International Airport. But what should tourists know about Salt Lake City in Utah? Here are some ideas.

1. Mormon Culture

Salt Lake City is the home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or the Mormon Church. The city is the world center of the church, and the downtown area is full of church-related landmarks, such as Temple Square, the Tabernacle, and the Family History Library.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded in 1830 and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as interpreted by Joseph Smith and his successors. The Church's headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the city is home to the Church's most iconic structure.

2. Ice Sports

Ice sports are a significant part of the culture in Utah. Ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and curling are all popular recreational activities in the state. Ice hockey and figure skating are offered at the local, state, and national levels.

Utah's ice rinks are home to many amateur and professional teams, and the state is home to the Utah Grizzlies, a professional hockey team that plays in the ECHL. Ice sports are also popular in the winter Olympics, and Utah is home to several Olympic athletes and coaches.

3. Shared Cultural Offerings

Utah is home to diverse cultural offerings, from art galleries to music festivals to outdoor activities. The state is home to some of the best ski resorts in the country, and it's also home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States.

Utah also has a vibrant theater and music scene, with many live performances in venues throughout the state. Additionally, the state is home to several major cultural events, such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Utah Arts Festival.

4. Outdoor Activities

Utah's stunning natural landscape lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, camping, fishing, and hunting are all popular in the state, and Utah is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States.

The state also has a vibrant skiing and snowboarding culture, and its ski resorts are among the best in the world. Utah is also home to some of the best mountain biking trails in the world, and the state is home to several major mountain biking events each year.

5. Bustling Food Scene

Utah is home to a thriving food scene, and the state boasts some of the best restaurants in the country. From fine dining to casual eateries, Utah has something for everyone. Whether looking for classic American, Mexican, Italian, or Asian cuisine, there is something for everything.

The state is also home to several craft breweries and distilleries, and its wineries are gaining recognition for their quality wines. With its diverse selection of eateries and drinks, Utah is quickly becoming one of the top food destinations in the country.


Utah is a great place to live and visit. From its stunning natural beauty to its bustling food scene, there is something for everyone in this state. Utah has it all when looking for adventure, relaxation, or a unique cultural experience. With its growing economy and vibrant communities, it is easy to see why more and more people are choosing to call Utah their home.

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