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5 Salt Lake City Restaurants Visitors Should Try Next Time

The best way to experience a new city is by trying the cuisine. Once dominated by old western-style steakhouses, Salt Lake City is now becoming a venue for tasting the best alcohol produced locally. However, it has also become a culinary destination due to the influx of tourists. But aside from discovering the best vacation rentals in the city, which restaurants should visitors visit next? Here are some ideas.

1. Red Iguana

Red Iguana offers “killer” Mexican food to locals and tourists alike. As the city's most decorated restaurant, they pride themselves on serving Mexican comfort food favorites. Their goal is to ensure their guests feel at home and at peace while devouring their moles with their ten unique sauces. Enjoy the taste of Mexico in Salt Lake City by booking a reservation on their website today.

2. Shooting Star Saloon

Shooting Star Saloon takes the basics of western-style cuisine and serves them with a drink or two. Specializing in burgers, they do only the best of their kind, surpassing other restaurants serving the same meals in the area. They also provide chips on the side to enhance the overall western-style experience. Shooting Star Saloon also sells beers at affordable prices without compromising the taste. Visit one of the oldest restaurants in Salt Lake City today and feast on their specialties.

3. Wimpy and Fritz

Unlike other restaurants on the list, Wimpy and Fritz take pride in mixing Mexican and Latin cuisine to produce pronounced meals visitors will love and appreciate. Their specialty, the authentic street tacos, comes with other Latin entrees with vegan options for people preferring a plant-based diet. Meanwhile, people can try their Hair of the Dog Brunch every Sunday, from 11 AM to 4 PM. For catering services, call them at 801.866.4686.

4. Pretty Bird

For people finding a balance between spice and kick, Pretty Bird can handle your cravings. They feature Nashville-style hot chicken and other complementary dishes like fritters, corn salads, and cider slaw. Take a bite of their fried chicken sando, the best of its kind. Eating at Pretty Bird is like hitting two birds with one stone—feasting on good food and experiencing Nashville right at the heart of Utah.

5. Takashi

Last, Takashi features Japanese-inspired food items in Salt Lake City. Their goal is to capture the striking qualities of Japanese cuisine and bring them to Utah for everyone to enjoy. Try out their famous sushi served with miso soup and feast with family members or friends on the trip of your lifetime. Book a reservation today or order online through their website.

Why Should Tourists Local Food?

Aside from its gastronomical value, food also provides a social value to people, especially if they come from the same background. Culinary traditions and practices can give people a sense of belonging to a group and being part of a community. Culinary traditions and methods can also help promote a culture’s values, especially if it highlights a particular food item served in a specific part of the world.

Staycation in Utah Today

After a long day of eating, dining, and tasting different food from various cuisines, having a nice rest should be the next on a tourist’s to-do list. Therefore, choosing the best vacation rentals in Utah should make everyone’s stay in Salt Lake City worthwhile and enjoyable. Book in B-n-R Stays by choosing which rooms suit your needs best and reserve them for the day you head to Utah.

B-n-R Stays offers the best vacation rentals in Utah. We provide the best venues for family reunions in the city, ensuring our clients will have a good time. Our goal is to provide the best staycation experience anyone could have. Learn more about where to dine in Salt Lake City by booking a reservation in one of our rentals today.

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