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5 Must-Try Pizza Restaurants For Your Utah Staycation

Whether you want simple toppings or loaded with pineapple and pepperoni, there's always a slice of pizza baked to perfection for you!

Whether you want a quick snack, celebratory food, or chill with your buddies, you can never go wrong with pizza! Everyone loves pizza—it’s a cheap snack accessible to most people.

While Salt Lake City doesn't have a distinct style like Chicago or New York City, SLC doesn't have a slice shortage. We gathered five must-try pizza restaurants for a mouth-watering Utah staycation in the name of world peace.

1. Rusted Sun Pizzeria

Whether you order a calzone or pizza, Rusted Sun Pizzeria is a top-tier pizza restaurant for your next Utah staycation. We recommend getting a box of half BBQ chicken/half Margherita with a pint of Uinta's Golden Spike Hefeweizen. It never disappoints!

Crust, sauce, structural integrity, and the best toppings are reasons Rusted Sun deserves the crown of the Best Pizza in Salt Lake City.

2. Villaggio Pizzeria

Now, the million-dollar question is, "Where can I find authentic New York-style pizza during my next Utah staycation?" That answer was relatively weak many years ago because there are only a few solid SLC pizza places serving delicious, greasy, foldable goodness. But any proud New York ex-pat would approve of Villaggio Pizzeria.

3. Este Pizzeria

If you want a taste of New York-style pizza in Salt Lake City, Este is the perfect place to go for your Utah staycation. You can specifically find it downtown Salt Lake. Este provides thin, foldable, and mouth-watering pizza to make a Ninja Turtle cry happy tears. We also recommend trying garlic knots for starters.

4. The Pie Pizzeria

Another pizza restaurant that lands on our top-tier list for your Utah staycation is The Pie Pizzeria. Any proud University of Utah alums who worked their wits out for their degrees with heavy student debt relished the greasy glory by walking down the steps to The Pie Underground. The walls also have obscene graffiti.

The BBQ Chicken Cilantro finished Summa Yum Laude for its mouth-watering goodness. And the Thai Pie is an amazing Asian Fusion meal. The Pie also offers vegan and gluten-free options.

5. Slackwater Pizzeria & Hub

And to cap off your Utah staycation, Slackwater Pizzeria & Hub is the place to unwind and relax. Okay, hear me out: you get some of the most creative pizzas in SLC while having a breathtaking view of the Wasatch Front. But wait! It gets better. You can enjoy the stunning view from an outdoor patio with massive beer bottles. Double win, right? We suggest you try the Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza or the Gyro Trip Pizza.

Finding The Perfect Slice

Whether you want to go crazy with the toppings or keep it simple, there's always a slice of pizza baking out there for you. These restaurants are only a few of the establishments that serve a hot, mouth-watering piece of goodness.

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